Applying ESD to promote SUSTAINABLE water use & THE non-conventional water resources


The Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) contribute to a sustainable way of improving access to water and to climate change adaptation; this way they are becoming increasingly important especially in water scarce areas. However, they are not well known to the citizens while several misconceptions persist i.e. when it comes to safety and hygiene issues. Proper Education can effectively elucidate the misconceptions and support the diffusion of innovative ideas and solutions that NCWRs promise to deliver. The NCWRs provide an effective “vehicle” for inspiring responsible consumer and citizen attitudes.


The Zero Drop water resources protection programme is implementing water saving technical solutions in areas facing intense water scarcity, while raising awareness and building capacities to better manage and conserve water resources. It is implemented in close collaboration with public authorities, responding to specific needs and particularities of different communities. Interventions are donated to and managed by public authorities, in order to continue to offer benefits over time.


The Zero Drop Programme is led by the Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean (GWP-Med) and is funded by the Coca Cola Foundation.

GWP-Med is cooperating with MEdIES team of MIO-ECSDE for the implementation of the educational activities with schools in the framework of the zero drop.