HYDRIA Virtual Museum unfolds a small part of the diverse Mediterranean Heritage using as vehicle representative cases of past waterworks.

HYDRIA aims to demonstrate the wisdom of our ancestors, through their wise and respectful water constructions and management and to sensitise on the valuable water-related Mediterranean heritage. Furthermore, the website asserts to make the proper links of the wise past techniques to the modern innovative technologies of water management, particularly in the light of the escalating Climate Change pressures. The cases are presented via texts, photos, as well as animations, where appropriate, to explain the operation of complex water works.

HYDRIA Virtual Museum evolved through three phases from 2008 to 2013, while in 2021 the website underwent a major reconstruction. The website, operates in English, Greek and Arabic language.

If you are interested in authoring a case from your region for HYDRIA, please contact the secretariat at info[@]medies[.]net.

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