cultivating environmentally literate and responsible citizens



Our Story

MEdIES is the long-standing initiative of MIO-ECSDE dealing with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), a holistic type of education that addresses equally the economic, ecological and social dimensions of any given topic.

MEdIES was launched as a voluntary initiative in the Johannesburg Summit for Sustainable Development in 2002. Since then it has been running ESD projects in Mediterranean countries, while its website serves as a communication point for ‘ESD stories’ from around the world.

MEdIES followed closely the UN Decade on ESD (2005-2014). Since 2015 its activities are aligned with the Education 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Mediterranean Strategy on ESD.

Since 2002 MEdIES has impacted


Both formal (teachers) and non-formal (ie facilitators) through trainings & seminars.


Through school visits and targeted initiatives such as summer schools, students’ contests, etc.


Through public events such as exhibitions, conferences, festivals, etc.

Our Mission

Through promoting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at all levels, from the institutional to the grass-root level,

our vision is to cultivate responsible, environmentally literate, democratic and just global citizens, who undertake informed choices and committed actions, based on the values of sustainability.

Through the “vehicle” of ESD, the projects run by MEdIES can deal with many diverse topics starting from water, food and waste to cultural heritage and human rights.
Likewise, the MEdIES target groups range from students, teachers (formal and non-formal) to environmental managers, education administrators or the wide public.

What we do

We support

the UNESCO Chair & Network at the UoA, and the MedUnNET.


on ESD & provide technical support to the Mediterranean Strategy on ESD. We are partner of the UNESCO GAP Network on Advancing Policy.


ToT workshops, pedagogy focused trainings, online courses, summer schools, youth exchanges.

We sensitise

at the grass-root level through dedicated school visits, festivals, contests, films, etc.


educational resources: publications, posters, teachers’
manuals, exhibitions.

We design

and prepare the educational content of E-GAMES and WEB APPS


carry out education and social research.

We facilitate

an E-NETWORK of ~6,000 educators.



We believe in the value of bottom up approaches.


We believe in co-creation procedures within diverse teams.


We enjoy swimming in new ‘uncharted’ waters, that somehow intersect with ESD.


We believe in the experiential, hands-on character of the learning process …


… and at the same time we are big fans of ICTs in education.


We bring together various players & networks.


We value clear rules and transparency in our collaborations. We are responsible, consistent, supportive.


We are lifelong learners ourselves. We reflect and evolve (self-transform) in the way we work.

Our People

Michael Scoullos

Michael Scoullos

MEdIES Coordinator

Prof. Scoullos is MIO-ECSDE Chairman and holder of the UNESCO Chair on ESD in the Mediterranean. He is the author of hundredths of books and scientific articles on SD/ESD. He is the driving force behind the Mediterranean Strategy on ESD/Action Plan.

Iro Alampei

Iro Alampei

MEdIES Secretariat

Iro is a chemist who soon followed the path of Science Education, Environment, Sustainability and Museum Education. She has a keen interest in how people ‘learn’ and aspires as an educator to create spaces allowing ‘learning’ to take place.

Vicky Malotidi

Vicky Malotidi

MEdIES Secretariat

Vicky supports MEdIES Secretariat since 2002. She is a Chemist with a MEd in Science Education and a certified adult trainer. She is engaged in developing and applying experiential learning activities for children and adults on sustainability.

Vasilis Psallidas

Vasilis Psallidas

MEdIES consultant

Vasilis is a former teacher of Natural Sciences with a MSc. He is (co)author-editor to (more than) 36 educational resources & 100 entries in international and Greek journals, about ESD, Environmental Biology, Social Studies & ICTs in education.



MEdIES consultant

Sevasti is a teacher Biologist. She has been involved as a MEdIES consultant for a number of years, particularly in our projects relating to wastes and water.

Our Partners & Sponsors
who we collaborate with :
  • GWP-Med
  • LAS
  • Anna Lindh Foundation
  • UN Environment MAP
  • Ministry of Education of Greece
  • Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus
  • Ministries of Environment of Greece
  • Ministry of Environment in Italy
  • Energy & Water Agency of Malta
  • Union for the Mediterranean
  • UNESCO Chair & Network on ESD in the Mediterranean at NKUA
  • Water Conservation Awareness Centre of Malta
  • Makhzoumi Foundation
  • Mohamed V Foundation
  • WEEC
In 2019, our activities would not have been possible without the valuable support of:

(in alphabetic order)

  • Energy and Water Agency of Malta
  • EU Life Programme – Operating Grants for NGOs
  • GWP-Med
  • Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation
  • Heraklion Development Agency /Greece
  • Makhzoumi Foundation
  • Ministry of Education of Cyprus
  • Ministry of Environment of Greece
  • UN Environment MAP
  • UNESCO Participation Programme
  • Union for the Mediterranean
Earlier supporters:

(in alphabetic order)

  • Anna Lindh Foundation (2006, 2012)
  • Coca Cola Foundation Atlanta (2014-2018)
  • Development Company of Parnonas S.A. (2018)
  • EU (through various programs 2002- today)
  • GWP-Med (for water education activities 2002-today)
  • Makhzoumi Foundation (2018)
  • McDonald Hellas (2003)
  • Ministry of Education of Cyprus (2016-2019)
  • Ministry of Education, Greece (2005)
  • Ministry of Environment of Italy (2004)
  • Municipality of Nikaia, Attica, Greece (2018)


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