Water in the Mediterranean

Scoullos Michael (Scientific Coordinator), Alampei Argyro, Boulouxi Aristea, Malotidi Vasiliki & Vazeou Stavroula
MIO-ECSDE & GWP-Med, Athens, 2001

Water in the Mediterranean (2001) is the result of a fruitful collaboration of NGOs from 7 Mediterranean countries: Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Environmental Educators and a group of postgraduate students of the University of Athens. It is important that anyone about to use this material understands that appropriate education is a significant tool in promoting the idea of better use, of conservation, respect and of integrated management of water. However, education alone cannot solve the problem. In depth understanding of all other means and aspects could create the needed synergy for concerted action and creative solutions. This is why particular effort has been invested in the present educational material to familiarize students with concepts, methods and ways of action.

The material was adapted and produced in 7 languages. During the time period 2003-2009 a series of trainings took place to launch and train a couple of thousands of educators, formal and non-formal on how-to-use it within their educational working contexts.  Indicatively we mention workshops that took place in Athens, Greece (2003); Rome, Italy (2004); Istanbul, Turkey (2004); Cairo, Egypt (2004); Morocco (2007); and Beirut, Lebanon (2005 and 2009). 

Download the PDF files of the various language versions of the educational material by clicking on the links below.