Zero drop in Cyprus

The zero drop project aspires to conserve the valuable water resources and deal with water shortages through smart and efficient water works that save, reuse or better manage water, using also Non Conventional Resources, such as treated wastewater, greywater and rainwater.

The project has been active in Cyprus since 2013 (Mission-Water) with a number of water-works, sensitisation activities and trainings. MEdIES has been supporting the educational component of the project since its birth. Recently, on the occasion of the official launching of the waterworks in Aglatzia Municipality in Cyprus (April 2023), MEdIES team was there and run sensitisaton activities for more than 90 students from local schools. More over, MEdIES produced a new tailor-made educational leaflet reflecting the zero drop content and water saving tips and sent to the Pedagogical Institure of Cyprus in order to be targeted dissminated to students.


The zero drop project is led by Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean (GWP-Med) in collaboration with the local authorities in Greece and Cyprus , with the exclusive support of the Coca-Cola Foundation.