The zero drop project aspires to conserve the valuable water resources and deal with water shortages through smart and efficient water works that save, reuse or better manage water, using also Non Conventional Resources (NCWRs), such as treated wastewater, desalinated water and rainwater.


The water works in Heraclion City: The project is also active in Heraklion Municipality in Crete (Greece) to help tackle water challenges, and undertaking technical interventions in May 2023 at Profitis Ilias and Voutes , two agricultural communities, where frequent leaks lead to considerable water losses and prompted producers to pump groundwater from the limited aquifer, at considerable energy cost. The project’s interventions are saving a total of 12,000,000 litres of water annually!

Education Interventions in Heraclion: On 12 June 2023, the MEdIES team visited the Primary Schools of Voutes and Profitis Ilias informing them about the programme and, actually, applying its experiential hands-on educational activities on the water cycle, NCWRs and water management topics, engaging 105 students aged between 9 and12 years old. An customised educational poster has been prepared to sensitise students of the region on the water cycle and NCWRs (in Greek language).

A seminar for educators in Heraclion city: On 28 November 2023, a seminar for the local educators has been organised, aiming to demonstrate how the Watery snakes and ladders game can be played. 

Download  the poster Zero Drop – Heraclion


Webinar for Greek educators

On 13/12/2023 a webinar was held for Greek educators of Heracleion city and beyond with the aim:

– to introduce the Zero Drop project,  

– to present the educational activities of Zero Drop and

– to explain how to download and play the Snakes & Ladders game.

The zero drop project is implemented by Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean (GWP-Med) in collaboration with the Municipality of Heraklion, with funding from The Coca-Cola Foundation and the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.

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