Are you ready to level up your skills and enhance your professional capacity?

This is a peer-to-peer e-learning opportunity designed by and for civil society entities to empower them in intercultural dialogue fields.

With 10 expertly crafted programmes (list below) harnessing the expertise of the Anna Lindh Foundation members, you will learn practical approaches and discover new interaction methodologies to enrich your practical experience.

Application deadline: 22 June 2023 (midnight, CET time zone)

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Titles of Training Modules:

Module 1: Frame the Change: Empowering NGOs with Ethical Storytelling & Photography

Module 2: From Borders to Bridges: Mastering Interculturality for Success

Module 3: Foster understanding and learning through online facilitation

Module 4: Leadership by Soft Skills: Dialogue & Transparency

Module 5: Mastering the Modern World: Building Movements, Skills & Strategies

Module 6: Bridging Boundaries: Empowering Civil Society with Intercultural Media Campaigns

Module 7: Enhance your Capacity Academy 

Module 8: Gender Mainstreaming in Intercultural Management

Module 9: La Méditerranée en partage: Formation en médiation interculturelle dans le contexte numérique

Module 10: Up-skilling Transnational Projects for Resilience