With a rapidly growing population that is affected by high plastic consumption, waste management is among Egypt’s biggest challenges. For this reason, environmental protection, along with improving the social and economic sectors, is one of the three most important areas of the “Egypt Vision 2030” that Egypt has placed on its domestic policy agenda.

Within this framework, Be2aty / My Environment project aims to engage young people, mainly from Egypt, through non-formal education activities (such as bootcamps, exhibitions and mentoring schemes) as innovators for environmental protection and sustainable waste management.

Led by the Goethe-Institut, the three year project that was launched in April 2023 brings together a consortium of Egyptian and EU based partners, among them MEdIES/MIO-ECSDE, to join forces and build the capacity of Egyptian youth to tackle urgent local environmental problems, while at the same time increasing the sector’s capacity to support them.

The kick off meeting was organized on 13 June 2023, hosted in the venue of the Goethe Institute in Cairo. During the meeting, the partners agreed on a unified governance structure, detailed plans and the overall timeline of the project.

MEdIES/MIO-ECSDE will be leading the networking and dissemination activities of the project. Through a series of workshops, clean-ups and exhibitions, we will facilitate the outreach of the project and its results to other young people, their local communities and also further afield to young environmental- and youth-NGO professionals throughout the Mediterranean/Europe.

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