On the occasion of this year’s World Water Day,  dedicated to GROUNDWATER “MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE”  it might be a good time to revisit the MEdIES resources that took a closer look on  groundwater topics, such as:

– the dedicated session of the Water in the Mediterranean (in 7 languages!) 

– the Cisterns and Wells’  focused material of ALTER AQUA (in 3 languages) 

– the interactive sessions, games and activities of our Platform www.ncwr-edu.net (Sessions on Water cycle, Water Basins)

In the light of the 2022 World Water Day we were happy to take part and provide expertise in the:

WES Training-of-trainers about “ESD with focus on Waste Water Treatment (WWT) for reuse  and Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWRs)

while we are holding a special webinar for our Greek members as well on the 21st of March! (registrations here)

Explore all material, events and challenges @ the World Water Day Official page here: https://www.worldwaterday.org

Stay tuned for more to come!