The Alter Aqua material was created to develop the necessary knowledge and competences of educators and students on issues relating to  Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWRs). It was prepared in the framework of the Non-Conventional Resources in the Mediterranean Programme (coordinated by the GWP-Med ) by MEdIES as the educational partner of the NCWRs Programme. The material was originally produced in Greek to meet the needs of the educational community of the water scarce Greek Islands (in three editions) while it was adapted and produced (a) for Malta ‘s educational community (in English)  (b) for Cyprus (in Greek) (c) for Sardinia (in Italian). This educational material  has the following objectives for the students:

  • To be acquainted with the water cycle and the impacts of human activities on it;
  • To be informed about the alternative or Non Conventional Water Resources;
  • To explore the benefits and risks of the NCWRs at various levels: environmental, social and economic;
  • To be aware of traditional and cultural aspects of water and to find out how the past “wisdom” can be transferred and applied in modern systems of water management;
  • To develop the skills of critical thinking, decision making and participation;
  • To acquire a positive attitude towards NCWRs and adopt responsible water consumption habits in their daily lives

More about the educational activities of MEdIES for NCWR Programme are available at this link. Download the various versions of the educational material by clicking on the links below.