Mediterranean food project in Greece

Med. food: Our legacy, our future

The new project of MEdIES: “Mediterranean Diet: Our heritage & future” was approved and supported by UNESCO (Participation Program 2022-2023).  The project is essentially the extension and adaptation of the SIDUMEF Programme in Greece!

It is implemented during the period: September 2022 – August 2023.

Its main goal is the development of the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes of formal and non-formal educators, as well as the general public, regarding the potential of the Mediterranean food products, and diet in promoting Sustainability and Intercultural Dialogue.


  • The environmental and socio-economic aspects of the Mediterranean diet and its characteristic food products such as the olives and olive oil; cereals; the vine & its products, etc.
  • The intangible and tangible cultural value and heritage of the Mediterranean diet.
  • The strong dynamics of the Mediterranean diet in strengthening and maintaining the intercultural dialogue for sustainability in the Mediterranean region.


  • The translation, adaptation and the production in Greek of the SIDUMEF material (see here),
  • A series of awareness rasising and dialogue actions for teachers, trainers and the public, in Greece, live and online, with the participation of experts from all over the Mediterranean!