MIO-ECSDE/MEdIES team created a new video presenting in a straightforward and appealing manner the Mediterranean water heritage and its potential to promote a new water cuture.  The rich and diverse Mediterranean water heritage is unfolding and emerging as a legacy but also as an opportunity to redefine the behavior, use and management of water and to approach a sustainable way of life, in harmony with ecosystems and nature. It serves as the basis for inspiration for efficient, green and clean technologies that help reduce pollution and climate change.

The video highlights the connection between the past knowledge and present technologies related to sustainable water management practices in the context of the current/future needs aiming to promote a new water culture aligned with the natural resources and heritage. It may serve as multi-purpose tool for  communication and outreach as well as awareness raising and non-formal education. The video is based on HYDRIA material and has been developed in cooperation with the World Network of Water Museums.