In the framework of the  Credit Project the digitization campaign of the HYDRIA took place in Athens, from 28 to 30 September 2023, at the premises of MIO-ECSDE. 

The MEdIES team together with MEdIES Coordinator, Prof Scoullos discussed and worked together with Stefano Bertolucci, professional photographer (DocServizi team) and Alessandro Bertolucci for three days in order to “unveil” a set of traditional water jars from various parts of Greece and beyond (Mediterranean).

The photographers took 805 photos , 12 photospheres, 2.120 photos (!) to record a set of 68 water jars of the HYDRIA virtual museum. Through these digitized elements and files (photos, videos, photospheres, 3D models) selected characteristic Mediterranean traditional water jars will be presented in the new digital exhibition of HYDRIA that is under development through HYDRIA’s participation in Credit.

Stay tuned!