Discovering the key role of food in Intercultural Dialogue & appoaching Sustainability

This e-learning is designed all those wishing to explore in depth the Mediterranean food products and diet, their historical evolution and related cultural goods as well as the central role of food in sustainable development.

The e-course aims to introduce the participants and raise their awareness about the typical Mediterranean food products and diet and the intangible cultural heritage and goods that are related to food -customs, traditions, social status, culinary practices and tools, ceremonies, and values.

In this line, the course offers an exciting journey to explore cultures and traditions of the Mediterranean countries and how they differ when it comes to recipes, food production and ways of cooking. 

Language: English

Duration: 9-week course

Content developed by MEdIES under the scientific coordination of Prof Michael Scoullos, MEdIES Coordinator & UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development Management and Education in the Mediterranean/University of Athens

TypeSelf-paced asychronous e-learning with tutor support.

Credits: This course leads to an official Certificate of Conitnuing Education.

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Watch below a short clip about the course by Prof. Scoullos.