MEdIES was thrilled to participate actively in the kick off meeting of the You(th) Care for Change Project between 8 and 10 April, in Florence and Turin, organised by COSPE!  30 partners’ representatives met in person for the first time,  having two days time (8 and 9 April) to discuss and finalise the project’s road map for the 1st year, including the milestones, processes, etc.

This was done through participatory workshops to explore, analyse and co-decide on content and format of the key upcoming tasks:  toolkit, trainings, campus, etc.

Additionally we participated in an experiential workshop on the CARE approach – that will be taken into account during the project and in all its activities – coordinated by Ms Marie Moise, translator of the CARE Manifesto in Italian. The workshop followed an inspiring presentation by, and, discussion with, Mr Andreas Chatzidakis, co-author of the CARE Manifesto, explaining why and how the Care Manifesto  puts forth a vision for a truly caring world, a world currently facing multilayered and interdepended crises: environmental degradation/climate crisis, social problems and unstability and economic inequalities.

The CARE Manifesto sets out an agenda for the Environment, most urgent of all, putting care at the centre of our relationship to the natural world, and transforming the ways we organise our behaviour, activities and work, acknowledging and respecting the existing interdependencies among us, within our society as well as among the societies and the environment.

In the evening of the April 9th, we took part in a special pubic event entitled “We care, we are the future” organised by the Italian CARE Collective, bringing together active local social groups and associations sharing experiences and discussing challenges related to the global care appproach for a just, social economic and ecological transition, spotlighting women and gender issues.

The 3rd day we travelled to Turin, hosted at the Centro Studi Sereno Regis, where we had the opportunity to meet and exchange with local based Youth Organisations, active in environment, education, social solidarity, etc. about their experiences, actions and challanges towards socio-ecological transition.