Training course for formal and non-formal ESD educators on
Education about Marine Litter and the EU Directive on Single Use Plastics

The week-long course aimed to build the skills of educators in delivering meaningful interventions on the issue of marine litter, especially single-use plastics by applying experiential, learner-centered, on-site (outdoor), and hands-on training methods.

The course took place between 1st and 7th of May 2022 with the participation of 19 teachers from Malta, 1 from Spain, plus 1 Master student from the University of Athens. During the course, several educational resources were used, both from MIO-ECSDE & MEdIES and from other leading Agencies. A mix of in-house and external experts facilitated the indoor and outdoor sessions, resulting to a rich learning content and experience. A “tangible” result of the course is the decision for a concerted clean-up day that will be organised by all the participating teachers /schools of Malta, at the beginning of next school year.

The foreign educators supported their participation through the KA1 (Key Action 1: Mobility of Individuals) of Erasmus+.

Evaluation (through anonymous questionaire): Participants were overall highly satisfied from the course (99%); they found that the content was applicable in their work (87%) and declared they will be rcecomended the course to their colleagues (100%).

The course is repeated on a regular basis, provided that it has a minimum of 10 participants each time. Next foreseen session is for October 2022. If you are interested to take part please apply here. For more information please contact us at info[@]

I feel that the course was well balanced with ideas, practical sessions and also discussions and workshops which showed us how we can acually apply what we were discussing about to our everyday life/ classes in schools. This was an awesome experience!

Participant, May 2022

I found the course very enriching. I really enjoyed watching the children, how it was explained before and after beach clean up. Pity I couldn’t understand what was being said…

Participant, May 2022

The course was an excellent experience and the course providers were well organised, very knowledgeable about marine litter, friendly and went out of their way to help us as much as they could. Truely an unforgettable experience. My thanks to all involved.

Participant, May 2022

Well done and thanks to all those involved in the planning and execution of the whole course. It was well balanced between the theoritical and the practical aspects and very informative. The topics were varied so one learnt a lot about different aspects of the topic.

Participant, May 2022

Ms Marina Griponisioti (ConvertArt), who led one of the workshops of this course has compiled a video from the workshop process: