The Biosphere Reserve Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria organizes from 9th to 14th May 2022 the first edition of the #proudtoshare week, dedicated to the theme “Outdoor, Experience and Sustainability“. During the week, the characteristics that must have the organization and management of outdoor disciplines in nature will be deepened in order to be environmentally compatible, socially and economically positive for local communities.

During the week there will be 4 webinars in total, all on topics that are very important for all UNESCO MAB territories:

  • 9/5 at 18.00 CET  – The impact of climate change on outdoor activities in nature: adaptation and mitigation strategies
  • 10/5 at 18.00 CET   Accessibility and inclusiveness: experiencing nature for all
  • 11/5 at 18.00 CET   Tourist carrying capacity: managing the needs of use of the territory, ensuring the conservation of habitats
  • 12/5 at 18.00 CET   Outdoor disciplines, as a means of discovering the material and non-material culture of the area


The webinars will present experience by several Biosphere Reserves

Webinar details and registration