Training course for formal and non-formal ESD educators on Education about Marine Litter and the EU Directive on Single Use Plastics

The week-long course is regularly organised by MEdIES, with the aim to build the skills of educators in delivering meaningful interventions on the issue of marine litter, especially single-use plastics by applying experiential, learner-centered, on-site (outdoor), and hands-on training methods.

This time the course took place between 16 and 22 of October 2022 with the participation of 9 European educators (5 from Malta, 4 from Spain). During the course, several educational resources were utilised, both from MIO-ECSDE & MEdIES and from other agencies. A mix of in-house and external experts facilitated the indoor and outdoor sessions, resulting to a rich learning content and experience.

The educators supported their participation through the KA1 (Key Action 1: Mobility of Individuals) of Erasmus+.


Evaluation took place through an anonymous questionnaire sent a few days after the course completion. The rate of satisfaction, based on 7 responses, was 98,6% or 5.9 out of 6.

NOTE: This course is repeated on a regular basis (twice a year), provided that it has a minimum of 10 participants each time. Next foreseen session is for Spring  2023. For more information check our website or write to us at info[@]


I realised I am one of the 43%!
(*The participant refers to a research documenting that 43% of citizens consider they are eco-conscious but their consumption habits are conradicting). 

Participant, October 2022

I really enjoyed today’s sessions: they were informative and the games were easy to use for the Primaly level. 

Participant, Oct 2022

I don’t feel helpless in the fight against Marine Litter: I can be the change! 

Participant, Oct 2022

Concepts like “low carbon school” and “upcycling” were new to me. 

Participant, Oct 2022

I have crossed the bridge between knowing and acting, through FEELING!! Thanks

Participant, October 2022

Update, December 2022

Very happy to receive news from one of our course participants, Ms Ramona Merciaca from Gozo island in Malta. She has metabolised the learning content from our course and developed an experiential outdoor activity with her students asking them to explore the local biodiversity of their immediate environment in an highly experiential way !

Congratulations Ramona! It is always a pleasure for MEdIES secretariat to be collaborating with you, and to be useful in enriching your work on the ground with the students.