• Did you come face-to-face with the marine litter problem for yet another summer?
  • Do you feel eager to do something about it within your own context?
  • Are you a formal or non-formal educator looking for ideas on how you could engage your learners in the fight against pollution by plastics and enhance further the 3R habits (reduce-reuse-recycle)?

If yes, then this interactive recorded webinar may be of interest to you, especially if you are active in the Mediterranean region! The recording was made on 2 September 2021, and the live meeting was attended by 50 participants from many countries.

Within 90 minutes, we browse through the activities of the new educational resource: Plastic Waste? Into the blue bin, away from the blue sea: 18+1 ideas for activities. This material aims to raise awareness about the impacts of marine litter (especially single-use plastics) and the importance of proper recycling, and to motivate a behavioural shift at the household, school and community level.

For further information contact Iro Alampei or Vicky Malotidi at info@medies.net