This new educational material for students (in English and Greek) promotes the minimisation of single use plastics and the proper recycling in our lives. The material is produced in the framework of the MEdIES project “Plastic waste? Into the blue bin, away from the blue sea” and is designed to be used primarily by students aged 10-12 years old. The material aims to raise awareness on the state and impact of marine litter, especially single-use plastics, as well as on proper recycling, and to motivate a behaviour shift at a household, school and community level.

The 48-page long publication comes to support the educational interventions of MEdIES in Greek schools (designed for late primary & early secondary level) but it can be used autonomously by teachers working on these issues. The material can be adjusted for younger and older audiences.

Download the material in English language in PDF format or in Flipbook format (suggested form of viewing). 

Download the material in the Greek language in  PDF format or in Flipbook format (suggested form of viewing).

 Read more about the project (in Greek language).

A webinar for educators! Watch the 90 min webinar held by the MEdIES team on 2/9/2021 explaining the activities of the material and how an educator can use them with his/her learners (in English language). LINK