Following the success of the first UNESCO-UNFCCC webinar series on climate change education for social transformation on the road to COP27, which gathered 15,000 participants from 184 countries to discuss how to green education policy and curriculum, UNESCO and UNFCCC are launching a second webinar series on the road to COP28 in Dubai, UAE, focused on the topic of greening school.

Tune into the upcoming webinar season which will take place from May to December 2023, where each of the six episodes will explore how to get learning institutions climate-ready by integrating a whole-institution approach to Education for Sustainable Development to transform teaching and learning, school facilities and operation, school governance and community engagement.

2023 Webinar dates: 3 May–20 June–25 July-12 September–31 October–12 December 2023

Webinar 1: What is a green school? (3 May 2023, 12:00 CEST).

The first session is organized in collaboration with the 28-for-28 webinar series organized by UN Resident Coordinator Office in the UAE. The conversation will explore what it means to be a green school and embrace the whole-institution approach to ESD, with a particular focus on climate change. It will reflect on how the green transformation of learning spaces inspires the overall re-imagination of education systems as innovation hubs for change towards more sustainable futures.

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Upcoming dates and themes of each webinar

1. What is a green school? (3 May 2023)
2. What does a climate-proof and climate-ready school look like? (20 June 2023)
3. How can schools collaborate with communities? (25 July 2023)
4. How can transformative learning environments shape the learning content? (12 September 2023)
5. Getting ready to promote greening schools at COP28 (31 October 2023)
6. Post-COP28 greening schools: Where do we go from here? (12 December 2023)

After each webinar the video is uploded in YouTube in several languages. View the entire Video Series Here.