Mr Bruno Maquart, Chairman and CEO of Universcience (a public Science Museum in France), explains to MuseumNext how a keen focus on reuse and recycling is helping to reduce carbon emissions and help his team to deliver on a Strategic Plan with sustainability at its heart. Read full article at MuseumNext.

UPDATE 20 May  2023:

In his talk “Mastering Sustainability through staff engagement” the sustainability advocate and CEO of Carasso Science Park (Israel), Mr Netzach Farbiash discusses the steps their museum has taken to reduce plastic and paper use. He explains how they eliminated the use of entry tickets and various other printed materials by introducing a digital app that visitors can use instead. The speaker also mentions how they removed all plastic used by their staff, replacing plastic cups and cutlery with reusable alternatives. He highlights the financial benefits and improved museum services that came from implementing these changes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of creating a culture of sustainability within an organisation, which starts with leadership setting the tone and providing a clear vision for the institution’s sustainability goals. However, Netzach notes that there is a challenge in getting staff and visitors to understand and be convinced of the importance of such steps.

Watch the 15 minute talk on Ecsite’s Youtube channel. 

Source: Insights Live! event,