MEdIES is thrilled to be a partner in this new ERASMUS+KA2 (School Education) that kicked-off in a three-day meeting hosted by the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam (25-27 January 2023). The partners of the project are:

  • The University of Iceland (Coordinator)
  • The Centre for Research and European Studies (CRES)
  • Bartolomeo association 
  • NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam

The programme aims to link meaningfully the tinkering learning methodology with ESD at the prinary school level through a series of activities, including: mapping of opportunities and challenges in the partners’ countries, co-creation of new educational resources and pilo-testing them, trainings and multiplier events, etc.

The activities, programme and overall plan were discussed during this first Partners’ Meeting that took place in combination with the first partners’ experientian training on tinkering, led by NEMO.

Read more about the meeting  here and in the project’s webpage:

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