GLOBAL NERVE SYSTEMS is a STUDIO BONN series with artists, scientists, writers, musicians reflecting on which senses we need to sharpen and which new world views are necessary in order to face coming disasters.

The panel discussion “How World Widw Disasters are interconnected” took place on 20/10/2022 with:

– Zita Sebesvari, Deputy Director of the Institute for Environment and Human Security at the United Nations University (UNH),
– Bonn Pali Palavathanan, co-founder and Creative Director of the branding and digital agency TEMPLO, London
– Grace Ndiritu, artist, Brussels
– Moderation: Kolja Reichert

What does the elephant migration in southern China have to do with the famine in Madagascar? How are the forest fires in Europe connected with the floods in Lagos?  The three speakers with their unique backgrounds share thought provoking insights on effective communication approaches about highly complex issues, on which senses we need to sharpen, and which new narratives and world views are necessary in order to face future disasters. 

View the discusssion (1.5 hr video). 

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