Within the project “Plastic Waste? Into the blue bin, away from the blue sea!” that is applied in Greece, through the collaboration of HERRCO and MIO-ECSDE/ MEdIES, a series of missions took place during the automn of 2020, despite the pandemic. These missions aimed to sensitise the public and the educational communities on the threats of plastic waste and the benefits of the proper recycling, through the Blue Bins. All events were organised in line with the Covid-19 safety protocol. Despite the restrictions, the events had a high participation, a fact that shows the undiminished interest of the municipalities and the local communities to improve their waste management and recycling systems. 

Specifically the missions organised were:

  • 15th October 2020, Nea Propontida: A small municipality in the Northern Greece kindly hosted and coorganised a public event for citizens and teachers. The event hosted 8 speakers while more than 64 citizens attended the event. After the presentations the attendees engaged in a lively conversation about waste management in their municipality.
  • 16th October, Thassos island: The event was coorganised with the kind cooperation of the municipality. It hosted 6 speakers (one through Skype) due to the pandemic. Around 19 people attended the event, as there was a recent Covid-19 case diagnosed on the island.

At the end of the events, the citizens received informative leaflets and instructions on how to recycle correctly and a recycling bag to sort their recyclable waste at home.

In the next months the teachers will be using the teaching material shared, supported also through the MEdIES Secretariat.