End of July 2023, in our country, Greece, after a 15-day long heatwave, we mourn over multiple, devastating fires that caused the loss of houses, businesses, forests, thousands of animals, and, since yesterday, human lives: two Canadair pilots that deep-dived over the fire for a more effective water discharge, and a shepherd that climbed up to his stable to set his animals free, in an attempt to save them.

To honor the memory of these people, and as megafires and draughts are going to be amplified in our region, we send you a message from the recent IPCC report.

Every one of us has a role and responsibility to act for Climate Change, because Every Action Matters.

This picture was fished out from the interesting and  highly recommended talk of Prof. Katharine Hayhoe, a CC scientist and author that works also on effective communication. View the entire talk entitled “Using Data To Change People’s Minds On Climate Change”, given in Switzerland, a few weeks ago here.