The event officially launched the Plastic Footprint Application / Diary of the PLASTEAM project, and announced the upcoming Contest and Educational material (STEAM BOX).

A total of 40 teachers from seven countries (Finland, Italy, Greece, Malta, Netherlands, Roumania and Spain) participated, 39 of them face-to-face and 1 online. Their backgrounds varied, ranging from teachers in primary and secondary schools, VET schools, ESD experts, NGOs, Museums, interns, university students, plus a high school student.

During the Seminar participants tried out the Footprint and discussed its potential use in various educational settings. Moreover, during the group-work session of the event, they discussed the challenges they face in their schools in facing out plastics and they proposed a series of educational interventions to start coping with this challenge.

What was stressed during the event was that such a learning process can be complex, process-oriented, holistic, practical and social. This should not intimidate teachers from acting, because in any school – regardless where they are and what challenges they face, there are many things to improve in managing plastics.

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