About 20 teachers and trainers discussed and exchanged their experiences on the challenges they are facing in their mixed and diversed classes in terms of pupils’ origin, skills, emotional intelligence, etc. in MIO offices, Athens, on October 30, 2019. This happens in the framework of the DIVE IN Greek Teachers’ Seminar aiming to encourage the teacher to work on inclusion topics with their students and to be introduced in the opportunities that the DIVE IN provides to the schools to identify their needs in terms of inlusion-exclusion issues.

The 19 participants were introduced to the DIVE IN project, its activities in schools and methodological tools while they tried out some experiential activities on about inclusion-esclusion cases based on drama techniques (i.e. still frame, hot seat, etc). The group also discussed the possilities they are offered not only by the DIVE IN but also the Inclusive Schools project coordinated by the BC which are in close synergy.

The targeted school interventions will follow in November and December 2019 in five Primary Schools of Athens, during which the pupils will be engaged in an educational drama process, to explore topics of inclusion-exclusion and to be stimulated to create their own “Inclusion Action Plan” (the next year- 2020).