Following a structured flow of activities and after recruiting 12 young Egyptians form Cairo, aged 19-25 years old, the first Bootcamp took place, during February and  March 2024, through the following stages:

  1. Five days Bootcamp, applying theater-based techniques for group bonding
  2. Three days data exploration on Municipal Waste Management in Egypt and beyond (Hybrid) and upcycling (field-visit)
  3. Two days Hackathon to connect the dots and identify potential interventions at their city
  4. Open mentoring process to support the application of ideas of the youth.
  5. Exhibition of works & insights of participants.

The 2nd Hybrid part of the Bootcamp took place beween 4-6 March 2024 and asked participants to zoom in to themselves and their immediate surrounding, using as starting point their own consumption habits and wastes.

  • On Day1 participants turned the “lenses” to themselves and examined their own obstacles, but also their motivations for undertaking pro-environmental action. They were also introduced to stories of impactful young change makers from around the world.
  • On Day2 participants engaged in a role play to illuminate the complexities and tensions surrounding food consumed and wasted during Ramadan, and to consider how we can reduce it.
  • On Day3 three participants did a field visit and were exposed firsthand to an applied practice of upcycling plastic wastes, through a woman’s local association, upfuse.

Day 1 & 2 of the “Hybrid Part” were facilitated by Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE / MEdIES. Although some sessions were foreseen as “Hybrid”, all sessions were held face-to-face in Cairo during this frst pilot Bootcamp. 

The insights and tweaks gathered from this pilot will help the facilitators to fine-tune the upcoming Bootcamps in and outside Cairo. Stay tuned.

I realised sustainability had a place in my house, but I didn’t name it like that. 

Participant, 1st Bootcamp

My moto from now on will be: Buy less – Choose well – Make it last !

Participant, 1st Bootcamp

Since I make jewelry as a habit, I am thinking how I can experiment with wastes from now on.

Participant, 1st Bootcamp