The 1st phase of the Asterousia Hybrid University took place between the 5th and 7th of October 2020. Due to the pandemic restrictions in this “face-to-face” event only a small group of trainees attended, mostly from Crete. The session  combined with the filming of in situ work that was  used in the 2nd phase of the hybrid university (online course).

The ~ 20 participants had the opportunity to follow lectures on the establishment, operation and management of Biosphere Reserves, visit local sustainable businesses that opt for sustainable management, and talk to local stakeholders that will lead the management plan of the new BR.

They visited local museums and the aquarium (Cretaquarium) and learned about the terrestrial and marine biodiversity and  lot of endemic species unique to the area. The participants had also a first hand experience of the a local eco-agro-tourist project  (Thalori) that inspired them on how a local business can function along side nature.

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