Did you know that more than 1/5 young people fail to reach a basic level of digital skills across the EU, and

only 39% of teachers in the EU  feel well prepared for using digital technologies in their daily work? 

These and many more were the outcomes of aopen public consultation that was included in the preparatory process for  the  new Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) of the European Commission. The new Plan presents the EC’s vision for high quality, inclusive and accessible digital education in Europe, in a more than ever timely and imperative period for mainstreaming and boosting digital education, given the challenges that the covid pandemic brought in.

So, this new Action Plan has two Strategic Priorities:

1. Fostering the development a high-performing digital education ecosystem, and

2. Enhancing digital skills and competences for the digital transformation.

 To this end, the Commission will continue its work to develop common guidelines for teachers and educational staff to foster digital literacy through education and training, working with civil society, media, etc.; will update the European Digital Competence Framework  ; will create a European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC) that is recognised and accepted by governments, employers and others across Europe, etc.  Read more about the EC future related actions here.

Find a very interesting factsheet prepared about Digital Education Plan here