Based on the popular game “snakes & ladders” we created a floor game on water. In our version, instead of ladders and snakes, players encounter tires (which take them up) and water pipes (which take them down). But in order to move up faster, players will have to answer a series of questions on water.

Our game aims to sensitize players on caring and valuing this precious natural resource, which is threatened due to a number of factors, from over-extraction, reckless use, mismanagement, leakages, climate change, pollution, etc. but also to motivate them to adopt a responsible attitude towards it (as consumers, citzens, voters etc).


  • Depending on the age of players the level of the Qs asked can vary. With really young ones the game can be played without asking Qs, just for fun.
  • The game can be played also at a class level, with students split in four groups.
  • The game can be played as a board game, by downloading and projecting (or printing) its main graphic.
  • The game can be played also with adults, as energiser.


Download the game GRAPHIC and QUESTIONS in Greek.

Download the game GRAPHIC and QUESTIONS in English.


The game has been prepared by MEdIES secretariat within our collaboration with the ZeroDrop Campaign that is led by GWP-Med. It is promoted to schools of Cyprus and Crete (Greece), and beyond.

The zero drop project is led by Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean (GWP-Med) in collaboration with the local authorities in Greece and Cyprus , with the exclusive support of the Coca-Cola Foundation.