Since October 2020 MIO-ECSDE participates in the Bureau of the UNECE ESD Steering Committee having the status of Observer NGO Member. On 19-20 October 2020 MEdIES Coordinator, Prof. Scoullos participated in the 15th hybrid meeting of the UNECE SC on ESD and presented  the progress made in the framework of the Mediterranean Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development, highlighting the concrete liaissons between the UNCE ESD Strategy and the Mediterranean Strategy processes.

Earlier in 2020, MEdIES Coordinator participated with a leading role in the ad hoc group on Strategic Planning 2030 of the UNECE Steering Committee on ESD, developing the context and roadmap of ESD in the UNECE region towards 2030, in line with the global framework “ESD for 2030”. Prof Scoullos participated in a series of virtual meetings of the expert group and in the UNECE Steering Committee (SC) on ESD (7 May 2020) meeting during which the work of the Ad hoc group was presented, and the preparations for the UNECE High-level Meeting of Education and Environment Ministries (planned for 3-5 November 2021, in Nicosia) were discussed. Efforts are made to secure a special Mediterranean session within the High-level meeting while the chairman participates in the drafting process of the UNECE ESD SC Ministerial Statement.