Climate change, human rights violations, conflicts, and the COVID-19 pandemic are challenging our presence and future and require  creative young minds to be encouraged and find innovative solutions.  In this line , UNESCO the Idries Shah Foundation (ISF) and ICCAR launch the World Tales Short Story Competition inviting youth (12-18 yrs old) from all over the globe to write about challenges of today and tomorrow in a short story to share their perspectives.

So, the theme  is “Once upon a time in my future”.

  • Participants must be between 12 and 18 years old
  • Short stories of 250 to 500 words;
  • Typed in English or French using Arial 12-point Regular font;
  • Original unpublished works of fiction;
  • Stories on the potential for future societies to be fair, inclusive, peaceful, resilient, sustainable and/or tolerant.
  • Download the complete set of rules
  • Sumbission to
  • Deadline for submission is 31 December 2020 (midnight , CET)

More information at the link