The 2021 edition  of the Water We Want Youth Contest just launched!

“My beloved water heritage and the SDGs”

The Global Network of Water Museums  just launched the 2021 WWW Contest during the Embracing Changes” International Webinar of Water Museums! During the webinar effective strategies adopted by water museums  to engage visitors (virtually and non-virtually) were highlighted, an issue of major concern for museums worldwide that are facing a severe impact due to restictions and lockdowns imposed in the context of the COVID19 pandemic. 

Key info about the 2021 WWW Contest:

Who to participate: Students worldwide are invited to work in teams. Two age categories: (A) 6-12 years old, (B)  13-18 years old.

Topic/Concept: “My beloved water heritage and the SDGs”. How can we inspire new perceptions about water and ways to be more respectful of nature? What ‘tiny’ but revolutionary practices and doable solutions can contribute to water heritage re-evaluation and to improve the sustainability of all water uses?

What to create:  5 categories of artworks: (1) Photos (one or a composition) (2) Drawings (one or a composition) (3) Short videos and animations (max. 2 minutes) (4) Creative writings and slogans (in both native language and English) (5)  Soundscapes and songs (e.g. traditional songs, original music composition, watersounds mix, etc.)

How to take part:  Submissions can be made either by e-mail or by post to the local/national water museum affiliated to WAMUNET, including:
The Registration form
One artwork (to only one category).  The entry must be submitted with a title and a short description (max. 200 words) in English.  Make sure that subtitles (including writings and dialogues) are submitted in English as well.

Deadline30 April 2021

More information in the 2021 Call of the WWW Contest  

and at