Within ESD, we are often dealing with complex issues for which people tend to hold conflicting and strong views – from climate change and environmental protection to issues of justice, equity and other human rights, etc.

Acknowledging that the values we hold are large predeterminants of everything we do in life, as ESD educators we often try to “bridge the gaps” in conflicting situations by starting on the common ground, identify the common values totally different people may share, and take it from there.

But what are these values? Are there universal values, consistently important everywhere on earth? Apparently yes, according to this very useful infographic by the visualcapitalist.

While it may not be surprising that family emerges as the most important value globally, it’s interesting to note that a number of other ‘connectedness’ values—such as relationships and belonging—emerged in the top 10. At the same time, security-related values, including financial and employment security, score highly around the world.

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