UN CC:Learn is the unique UN Climate Change Learn Teacher Academy Platform for teachers around the world to become a lead on climate change education in heir school.

The UN CC:Learn offers several exclusive, self-paced courses, on climate change issues available in several languages. The materials draw on the specialised expertise of global partners. By completing these e-courses, you will become climate change literate, confident to share climate change best practices, and have a certificate to back up your statements.

You will also join a global network of scientists, policy makers, researchers and practitioners from more than 190 countries that have acquired the same essentials and therefore understand the global language of climate change.

The courses offered tackle the following themes:

  • Climate Change: From Learning to Action (8 hrs)
  • Children and Climate Change (2 hs)
  • Cities and Climate Change (2 hs)
  • Human Health and Climate Change (2 hs)
  • Open Online Course on Gender and Environment (6 hrs)

After successfully completing the courses, you can become an accredited UN CC:Learn Accredited Teacher.