How often do you have to throw away electric appliances or other products just because you cannot find a place to repair it, or because they tell you “It’s not worth it, just ditch it and buy a new one”

This is about to change, with the adoption of the Right-to-Repair directive

Circular economy: EU Council and Parliament strike provisional deal on the Right-to-Repair directive

2 Feb 2024: The Council and the European Parliament have reached a provisional deal on the Directive that promotes the repair of broken or defective goods, also known as the right-to-repair (R2R) directive. This legislation will make it easier for consumers to seek repair instead of replacement by making the access to repair services easier, faster, transparent, and more attractive.

The provisional agreement applies to all products with repair requirements on EU law, sets an obligation to repair on manufacturers of goods with repair requirements, establishes a European information form providing consumers with key data on the repair service, and unifies the national repair information platforms into a European online platform.

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