This report summarises the findings of the European Education and Training Expert Panel and the discussions at the 2019 Forum on the Future of Learning. The Forum  and the panel focused on six thematic blocks:

  •  demographic challenges
  •  inclusion and citizenship
  •  technological change and the future of work
  •  digitalisation of society
  •  environmental challenges
  •  investment, reforms and governance

These themes were selected by the Commission from a pool of analyses of long-term strategic trends. For each block, the Expert Panel addressed two msin scoping questions:

  •  What are the major societal developments that will have an impact on how education and training are delivered in Europe in the medium- to long-term? How can EU cooperation best respond to these challenges?
  • What should the strategic objectives of European cooperation in education and training be for the next decade? Which should be the priority areas and themes

ESD is partcularly addressed under the “Environmental challenges” block within the report that presents in a comprehensive way current key challenges and opportunities: ESD potential to empower the citizens, the role of institutions,  the importance of non-formal and informal education and priorioties areas of action in the context of the 2030 Agenda.

Access the Report from this link.