Are learners in Europe  being equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to act on the climate emergency, biodiversity loss and other sustainability challenges?

Are teachers being prepared and supported to teach about these issues in an engaging way for their students?

Are curricula supporting the development of attitudes and values needed to promote sustainability? 

Share your opinion in the new public consultation on education for environmental sustainability!

The aim of the consultation is to gather input and ideas for a proposal for a Council Recommendation on education for environmental sustainability, to be adopted by the Commission in late 2021! 

The Recommendation will set out the key challenges for integrating sustainability into education and will recommend a series of actions for education and training providers and policymakers.  It will also detail how the Commission plans to support this work through EU actions and funding over the coming years.

Now its the time to co-create the new era for ESD in Europe; do not miss this opportunity!

The consultation is running in all 24 EU official languages, it is accessible here and will be open for contributions until 24 September 2021!

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