The OECD, Education International, and UNESCO launched a joint initiative to gather teaching expertise on what makes a difference in empowering students for climate action.

Transforming how our next generation thinks and acts about the environment and the world requires profound changes in teaching and learning. In PISA, eight out of ten students (78%) reported caring about the environment, and yet less than half of them (38%) felt empowered to participate in activities to protect it.

How can we empower students in our classrooms and schools to have a real voice and an active role in this pressing issue for our future?

An open call for teacher insights

The following website contains mini videos with teachers’ insights from classrooms all around the world.

Are you a teacher applying inspiring engaging methods with your class? You can share your insights through posting a video and take part in developing a plan to implement the leading insights in classrooms, education systems and policies!

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