The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the need to be able to adapt quickly to new working, social and learning conditions. Social and personal competences are of key importnace to adjust to this new context. In any case, the world we live in is changing fast, and life is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain; technologies play an increasingly important role, while new work models are surging fast.  

The good news is that there are basic skills that can be learnt, which can help individuals to deal with complexity and thrive in the fast-changing world. The Joint Research Centre (JRC) in collaboration with the EC DG for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC) developed a unique framework, the “LifeComp” mapping key competences for life. “Personal, Social, and Learning to Learn” competences that can help people become more resilient and build a meaningful life in the midst of the ever-changing world”, said JRC researcher Ioannis Maghiros.  The LifeComp framework emphasizes particilarly the importance of social and personal skills and aims to systemise the strengthening of these competences through education and lifelong learning.

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