The UNECE ESD Youth Platform and UNECE Steering Committee on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) issues an invitation for the submission of papers and/or case studies on Youth and ESD.

This publication aims to compile examples of theory and practice of youth engagement in the UNECE region, as well as in other regions whilst showcasing successful approaches related to education for sustainable development and youth,  reflecting on topics such as:

  • Why should young people be included? What are the benefits young people in ESD planning and implementation of ESD policies ?
  • What are the tools that are needed for young people to participate on ESD actions and initiatives?  
  • Which mechanisms and processes can strengthen the youth participation in ESD policy making?  
  • Challenges, faced by youth in implementing and participating in activities related to ESD?  (can relate to financial aspects, follow-up of initiatives, etc.)
  • What strategies have young people developed related to ESD implementation to deal with new uncertainties in relation to climate change, the pandemic and natural disasters, changing demographics? How are young people showing resilience?

Find the Call’s Text here.

Submission deadline: 6 February 2022

For more information and communication please contact: (Subject : UNECE ESD Youth Publication)