The UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) takes place annually, bringing together global leaders to drive forward climate action. During  COP28, held in December 2023, in Dubai, (United Arab Emirates), a series of live and online events relating to education, are organised and a wealth of educational material are presented.

Regardless of the progress on binding measures made within COP28, the role of education in the the fight against climate change was clearly highlighted in this COP.  We list below some articles, and resources that can be used by educators (formal and non-formal) working on Climate Change topics:

  • For the first time, a dedicated Greening Education Hub focused on climate education and ESD. The Hub (run by the Ministry of Education and UNESCO) hosted more than 200 side events, emphasizing the pivotal role of education in addressing the climate emergency. Its thematic programme was structured around green schools, curriculum, teacher training, education systems capacities, and communities. A significant milestone was the signing of the Declaration on education and climate change by 42 countries. Recap of UNESCO events on climate change 
  • The UNFCCC Capacity-building Portal showcases a range of tools, projects, courses, and resources to enhance the capacity and ability of developing countries to respond to the challenges posed by climate change at national, regional and local levels. Visit the portal 
  • An article on effective Climate Communication published in the newsletter of the United Nations University (UNU Insights).
  • An older (2020) but insightful article on climate psychology, explaining how our brain works when we are in denial, or become numb when it comes to climate change and climate action. (by Sarah Lawrynuik, CBC News)

General articles and COP28 reviews 

  • If you’ve never heard of COP28, or if you need a refresher, this guide from The Nature Conservacy will tell you what to expect from the event, why TNC was there and what this all means for you. Read more 
  • A post COP28 analysis on the text signed by the Guardian
  • How to Assess the Outcome of COP28: Given that this year’s Conference was hosted by a petrostate and led by a fossil-fuel CEO, climate campaigners understandably had low expectations. Yet, according to the climate ecomonomist Gernot Wagner, the summit did deliver some new commitments, and there is good reason to think that they are more than just empty words. (by Gernot Wagner, Project Syndicate)
  • Even is the process is flawed, the agreements of any COP produces have a very real impact on how state and non-state actors behave. Here are five key outcomes of the COP28 talks according to the Project Drawdown.
  • Climate change and COP28. What needs to happen? By Sachin Sreejith from Imperial College, London who collected a series of experts’ views on the needed changes. Read more 
  • Zeina Shahla (editor of the environmental section at AMWAJ’s media partner Raseef22), shares her impressions from COP28. She takes stock of the general mood at the summit but also reflects on the pervasive question of justice, highlights environmental disparities and takes a look at protests against the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Read more at AMWAJ website

     Toolkits / publications

    • IISD “On behalf of my delegarion …” A survival guide for new and lonely climate change negotiators (2nd Ed. 2023): This book provides an overview of the climate change negotiation arena for the new negotiator or for the negotiator who does not have much support or backup for the negotiations.  Read more and Download the publication