The e-exhibition  “The Water We Want” of the Global Network of Water Museums (WAMUNET)  was officially launched (WAMUNET Webinar 18 June). Despite the difficult conditions caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, 24 water museums confirmed participation to the 1st Youth Contest and about 7.000 students were involved. From a shortlist of 102 entries pre-selected by the partner museums, the Jury of the Global Network of Water Museums chose 6 final winners: 2 videos, 2 drawings and 2 photos. A further 18 entries received special mentions.

The final winners and special mentions were announced on May 18th on the occasion of International Museum Day, and the first visual coverage of the contest, supported by the Netherlands IHP-HWRP Committee, was launched on May 27th during a Capacity Development Symposium organized by IHE Delft.

The e-exhibition is hosting all 102 entries shortlisted by the participating museums and created by schools from all around the world, in three categories: Drawings, Photos, Videos. 

It is accessible from smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Enjoy!