Registrations for the Open Online Course: Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Trends by the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) are now open on this page.

The e-course will start on the 15th of March, it has a duration is four weeks, with an estimated commitment of around two hours per week. The course is video-based and interactive and hence participants will have the possibility to discuss the content with peers from around the Mediterranean. Learners who complete the course activities will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Description of modules:

Module 1 Representation of the Mediterranean and Mutual Interest. Through this module, you will learn about common values and attitudes, interests, and expectations of the people living in the EuroMed region and their perception towards other countries/people.
Module 2 Values and Mutual Perception. Through this module, you will learn what are the most important values for people living around the Mediterranean and how the role of women is perceived and it is expected to change.
Module 3 Interaction across Cultures. Through this module, you will learn about how people from the two shores of the Mediterranean interact and how they construct the representation of the “other” as well as the role of media in this process.
Module 4 Living in Diversity. Through this module, you will learn about the impact of religion on people’s points of view and what could be efficient actions to contrast radicalisation and for better living in multicultural cities and societies.

Credits: Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF)