• Did you know that odour pollution is the second cause of environmental complaints across Europe?
  • The sources that generate odours are numerous and in many cases the same community is exposed to more than one odour source!
  • Odour regulations across Europe vary, while in many cases they are completely lacking!
  • Wish to know more about odours, odour pollution, and how you can engage as a citizen to combat it?

A MOOC for public

In the framework of the D-NOSES European H2020 projectMEdIES developed a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) inviting citizens to learn about the not so-well-known problem of odour pollution, gain understanding about its causes & impacts, be informed on how to take acton. The MOOC aspires to stimulate public participation in odour monitoring and empower citizens to become a driving force for change.

The MOOC for public is self-paced, takes 3 hours to complete and is available in English, Spanish, Greek and Portugeuse.

It is offered FREE of charge.

  • Are you a school teacher or a non-formal educator?
  • Is your school / Association based in an area that is somehow impacted by odour pollution?
  • Are you looking for ideas for hands-on learning activities that will sharpen the scientific literacy of your learners in an engaging and fun way?


A MOOC for educators

Within D-NOSES project, MEdIES developed yet another Massive Open Online Courses MOOC for educators, formal and non-formal. Apart from the basic learning content on odours, this second MOOC proposes also a range of learning activities that can be applied from the Kindergarten to the upper Secondary School, and be used also in non-formal learning settings, e.g. NGO actions, Museum programmes, STEAM centres, Community info days etc.

It is also self-paced, takes about 6 hours to complete and is available in  English, Spanish, Greek and Portugeuse. It is offered FREE of charge.

What will I gain?

Upon completion of the MOOCs, users are expected to have acquired the following learning outcomes …

  • Knowledge about odour pollution and its causes.
  • Understanding about the main environmental, social & economic impacts of odour pollution.
  • Information on what we, as citizens, can do about odour pollution.
  • Familiarization with the D-NOSES methodology, tools, and case studies.
  • (For educators) Ideas on how to embed odour pollution in your teaching, how to create your own activities and how to apply the D-NOSES tools with your learners.
  • A certificate from MIO-ECSDE and the D-NOSES project.

I am interested, how do I follow the MOOC?

First you need do register at the e-learning platform https://dnoses.envirolearning.net  

You will receive an email to confirm your account. Don’t forget to confirm it!

After that you can enrol to the MOOC and the language of your choice and start learning at your own pace.