MEdIES was happy to take part in the Kick-off meeting of the CREDIT project on 9 and 10 March 2023 in Bologna! CreDiT  – CREative DIgital waTers –  co-funded by the European Commission under the Programme Creative Europe responds to this need for the digitization of natural and cultural water heritage as a key process to promote sustainable futures in Europe. MEdIES/MIO-ECSDE is one of partners mainly through the HYDRIA.  

On the first day (9 March) the partners (11 people in total) reconfirmed our common understanding on the principles* of the project, while being on the field, discovering the inspiring water management, industrial  and cultural heritage of Bologna. Guided by the host Partner, Canali de Bologna, we visited  Casaleccio Dam , an artificial barrier built in the mid- 14th cent. along the course of the Reno river, that still allows  part of the river’s water to be diverted to  the articficial Reno canal , which has in turn contributed in large part to Bologna’s economic fortunes and defensive waterworks from the Middle Ages to the present day. The dam and related waterworks are the expression of a paleo-industrial technology having an immense impact on the infrastructure and landscape and are considered one of the most interesting and significant sites of “water archaeology” in Europe  -the dam was awarded UNESCO recognition as a “Heritage forerunner of a culture of peace for young people“).

The second day (10 March) the partners discussed in detail and clarified among each other aspects related to the project’s management, planning of tasks and meetings, roles & responsibilitie, etc.

Read more about CREDIT here.

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