Are you one of those feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to climate change? Or do you want to support your students better cope with it?

Find below some interesting articles and readings that we have come across. And if you find an interesting article / publication, please send us the link to enrich our list at (with thanks)

Vox (08/02/2024) What to do when you’re completely overwhelmed by climate anxiety
The article proposes these concrete steps to handle climate stress: A. Accept reality — and the feelings that come with it; B. Get to the root of your emotions, C. Create a plan for action D. Control the information you consume, E. Accept the unknown, including the potential for positive moments. Maybe not all these steps are relevant in your context, but there should be some aspects that resonate with you and help you navigate your climate anxiety.
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Bloomberg (16/02/2024) Climate Change Is Fueling a New Type of Anxiety, Therapists Say.
Mental health experts are reporting a rising number of patients experiencing high levels of stress over global warming and its impacts. How are they treating it?
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