UNESCO unveils work of art “Amazonium” by eco-artist Thijs Biersteker

The artwork, Amazonium, dynamically moves in response to real-time data on deforestation and reforestation in the Amazon, providing a powerful visual representation of environmental changes. It is an interactive sculpture composed of rainforest-shaped fabrics, animated by data collected over the years from the Amazon Basin. The forest-themed fabrics dynamically move up and down, enveloping the observer in an immersive experience that simulates the lushness of the jungle. They then recede, allowing one to sense the stark emptiness of deforestation. The gradual rise of the fabrics follows, visualizing data from a UNESCO-protected area supported by LVMH.

Amazonium is the collaborative creation of ecological artist Thijs Biersteker and scientist Paulo Eduardo Massoca from Indiana University Bloomington, developed under the auspices of the UNESCO MAB programme and backed by LVMH.

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Credits: UNESCO